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What if we could transfer crystals from one tanki online account to another.  For example, you have two accounts (account 1 and account 2).  You have 5000 crystals on account 1, and 0 crystals on account 2. You want to transfer 3200 crystals to account 2, so you can buy Mammoth M1.  You sign in on account 1 and click a button that allows you to transfer crystals.  A box comes up, where you type in the username and password of account 2, and how many crystals you want to transfer.  Click the transfer button, and then account 2 has 3200 crystals, and account 1 has 1800 crystals.


Please say "no" 'cause this only allows for hackers to hack your account and transfer crystals to their account. I know it is annoying but it is much safer for your bank details and crystals the way it is. Trust me, it has happened on soo many other games. for example 'RuneScape'


You've got a good point on security, but what if records were kept on who sent crystals to who, that way, if your crystals are gone and you think they were wrongly transferred, then you could talk to a moderator and have them check who did it, and give your crystals back.